Don’t be too ugly, but it is called ‘natural 玮 brother’ to eat for a few days!

Don’t be too ugly, but it is called ‘natural 鐜?brother’ to eat for a few days!

Women will hope that their men are physically strong and a little overbearing. Now more than 90% of men have kidney deficiency due to work and life pressure. These people have kidney deficiency, which is mainly due to the reduction of daily social activities. It can be said that every day is tired and tired, and the body appears.鐐逛粈涔堝皬鎯呭喌锛岄暱姝や互寰€鍔垮繀浼氶€犳垚鑲炬皵鐨勬崯浼わ紝浠ヨ嚦浜庡鑷翠汉鑲捐剰铏氬急锛屽浣曞嚭鐜拌偩鑴忚櫄寮变粛鐒朵篃涓嶇涓嶉棶锛岃繖灏遍€犳垚浜嗘墍璋撶殑鈥樷€欏兊灏歌偩鈥樷€欎笁鍗佸宀佺殑浜猴紝The lack of dullness is already in the 60s, so we should pay attention to health and protect our kidneys in terms of kidney and solidifying. On the contrary, it is not only a threat to our health, but also a disharmony and impact on family health.

What are the symptoms of kidney weakness or mild renal failure?

(commonly known as kidney deficiency) (1) Generally, people in the early stage of kidney weakness will appear, lack of energy, sleep, accompanied by hair loss or greasy hair, or tinnitus, a small number of memory loss, fatigue, but especially slow.

(2) The middle and late stages of kidney weakness usually appear; night sweats and nocturnal emission, frequent urination accompanied by insomnia, early white hair, early diarrhea and slippery (poor injection) or mental decadence, decreased immunity, heavy fatigue, weak waist and so on.

If you have any physical condition, don’t panic, don’t even mess around with it. The health care is to adjust your peers. But those who are in good health are all cultivated. No one is supplemented. When the body encounters weakness, don’t panic.I am telling the truth, in fact, this is not a disease at all, but the state of the body is not good at the moment. In the final analysis, long-term thought pressure is too large, staying up late, drinking alcohol, etc., causing kidney damage.


Don’t be partial to one, make a big pass, eat the kidneys, drink the soup, this will only make you more uncomfortable, because your body is not lack of nutrition, almost the balance of physical fitness and the coordination of the five internal organs.

璋冭ˉ鑲捐剰铏氬急鐨勬渶绔嬬瑙佸奖鐨勫姙娉曞氨鏄拡瀵规€х殑椋熺枟鍔犱笂閫傚綋鐨勮繍鍔紝涓嶈捣鐪肩殑椋熸潗鑰堕钘わ紝鍠濅笂鍑犲ぉ锛岃冻浠ユ仮澶嶈偩姘旓紝瀹夋姎浜旇剰锛屽.鑵板浐绮撅紝琚滑瑾変负鈥樷€欒偩榛勯噾鈥樷€欍€侷n the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, the temperature of the yarrow vine is recorded, and the special zinc element is used to relieve the pain and initial swelling of the man’s prostate. If there is a phenomenon of cold, nocturia, it is generally used half a month after the treatment.Can be solved!

A male drink before going to bed can effectively enhance his kidney function.

Role: fundamentally help to complete male kidney deficiency, premature ejaculation, waist and knees, urinary frequency urgency and hair loss and other issues, can help men secrete androgen.

It is very important to improve the quality and activity of sperm and strengthen the role of the kidneys.

Nothing, men, women and children can participate.

Men are the pillars of the family. Chinese medicine says that the kidney is the innate foundation of men. Only one man has strong kidneys, and husband and wife life will be harmonious, and life will have love!