[Encyclopedia of making black bean drum]_How to do _How to make

[Encyclopedia of making black bean drum]_How to do _How to make

Making black beans into black bean drums is delicious and easy to preserve.

So what is the practice of black bean drum?

Generally, black bean drums are made in the summer. Choose whole good black beans, and bad ones are not necessary. After washing the black beans, put them on the mat to dry and then cook them. The black bean drums must be cooked thoroughly.But it’s best not to let the beans rot, so they taste delicious.

Let’s take a closer look.

The practice of black bean drum is actually very simple. Black bean drum is a kind of fermented Chinese medicine. In the summer, black soybeans are washed and steamed. On the stand, they are covered with mulberry leaves and fresh artemisia.Mix it with water, put it inside, close it, and leave it in the open air for three weeks. Take it out and dry it.

[Black bean drum practice Daquan]Materials: black beans, dried paprika, fresh lotus leaves Production method: This is the production method of the bean drum in June (lunar calendar), so you should choose high temperature weather in time, generally about 35 degreesThe temperature is fine.

1. First select the black beans you bought one by one. If it is broken, do not soak it, and soak it for 12 hours.

2. Cook in a pressure cooker.

The heat here is the most important. The beans must be boiled, but the beans must be cooked one by one. The beans that come out look clear and are not hard to eat in the mouth.

3. Put the cooked beans in a leaky basket and drain the water.

4. Wrap the drained beans with lotus leaves and place them in a box.

After allowing the beans to simmer for 72 hours, open the beans and see if there is a layer of white and silk on the beans.

5. Mix the salted beans with salt (usually a pound of beans or two), then flatten them and dry them in the sun.

Don’t dry it too much, just dry it with water vapor.

Then mix the dried paprika with the beans.

Put it on the jar and put a little wine on it and you’re done.

The above is a related introduction to the practice of black bean drums. If you cook black beans and ephedra in water, put them in bamboo sticks and dry them in 80%.Dried, then steamed and dried, this black pea family is used for wind cold evidence.