Even the fat three-plate axe


Even the fat three-plate axe

Intro: After the red May toss, hot June torment; a few days ago, I accidentally found that my belt slipped to the last buckle, but also slipped inside, just slipped in a little, and then retracted a little, repeatedly tossingLater, I finally realized that it turned out to be shrinking again; two words flashed in my mind: gaining weight.

銆€銆€Immediately formulated a careful and simple plan to increase fat: the central idea is to “eat”, “sleep” should also be put on the agenda, but in the current situation, it is difficult to implement, “eat” is easier to do, hehe!

From there, the idea of “eat” can’t help but appear in the gaps of all my thoughts; there must be a corrupt party, and one or two can eat two or two; eat a hamburger, add a chicken roll, thenClose your eyes and read two spells of digestion, drink a bite of juice, and then simmer two chicken wings; Breakfast: eggs, yogurt, corn intestines; eggs with fresh earth eggs, in order to maintain the most complete nutrition, cook eight minutes cookedEgg; yogurt instead of Mengniu breakfast milk, sour and sweet is not me, haha!

Corn intestines, the specific name is not known, the date of selection is the most recent; breakfast is done, absolutely more than the pancakes from the roadside pancake stalls, clean, efficient, nutritious; who eats who knows; my slogan is:Fat, start from breakfast!

Chinese food: The quality of lunch is worse every day. Therefore, in order to maintain a high appetite, before eating, you must have a hungry heart, only a hungry heart, do not account for the quality of the box lunch; keep the temperature highThe method of the heart is: leave the seat before the meal, smash out the window, or watch others eat first, or chat again in the day to eat; in short, to create all possible conditions, eat the box of good quality and bad things;The second trick of fat; dinner: after a normal break; at night, borrow the method provided by Aries: add food with Harbin sausage!

He said that he was so fattened.


Looking at his fat body, I did not hesitate to regard his words as a golden saying; but, on this basis, I made a simple innovation: eating a hawthorn pill, used for appetizing, promotingAppetite; this is the third measure to gain weight; At this point, the three fat axe are all used up, just wait for the time, persevere, to see the effect.

Health, I work hard; gain weight, I never give up; haha!

銆€銆€Only such documents are for the thin friends who are struggling to gain the edge of fattening, and share with everyone!