[Can you drink red wine for fitness]_Fitness stage_Can you drink

[Can you drink red wine for fitness]_Fitness stage_Can you drink

Now that people are more and more aware of their body shape, many office workers use occasional time to exercise.

Many people choose a professional fitness place when they are exercising for a very scientific exercise.

First of all, many foods and drinks are inedible during fitness, otherwise the effect of prolonged fitness will be greatly discounted.

Some people drink red wine during fitness to relax their bodies.

So, can I drink red wine during fitness?

Is wine good for fitness?

Antioxidants in alcohol are good for the body.

For fitness enthusiasts, it is necessary to maintain certain antioxidants in the body.

Before talking about this topic, let’s understand what is called “oxidative stress response”.

The so-called “oxidative stress” refers to the imbalance between oxidation and antioxidant effects in the human body. If the human body causes oxidation, a large number of oxidation intermediates will be produced.

And the more intense the degree of exercise, the oxidative stress of the human body will occur, and the human body will be biased towards oxidation.

In short, walking hardly produces oxidative stress, jogging is slight, and if you run fast, your body will be in a serious oxidative stress response.

If this response continues, the most serious consequence is diabetes.

It can be seen that people with diabetes are not all homes with irregular lives.

After training, a person’s body needs sleep and rest to carry out repair work.

And alcohol can affect sleep and “rob” the body’s very precious growth hormone.

At the same time, alcohol is a toxin for sore muscles.

Alcohol can make your soreness worse, and it can seriously hurt your fitness enthusiasm.

But for fitness enthusiasts, it is necessary to have some antioxidants in the body.

Athletes or fitness enthusiasts need to absorb a certain amount of antioxidants after exercise.

Resveratrol in wine is a great natural antioxidant.

In terms of the resveratrol’s antioxidant properties, research has shown that a fitness enthusiast needs 250 mg of resveratrol daily to maintain the body from any oxidative stress.

If you have to relax a bit with alcohol after a workout, then choose wine.

At least, that tiny amount of resveratrol won’t make your fitness efforts go away.

How much wine do you drink to fight oxidation?

In terms of resveratrol’s antioxidant properties, research has proven that a fitness enthusiast needs to add 250 mg of resveratrol daily to maintain the body from oxidative oxidative stress.

In wine, on average, each glass contains about 0.

1 mg antioxidant resveratrol.

1 bottle of wine?
9 mg.

So the question is, how many bottles of wine does a sports drinker need to drink every day . 28 bottles!

It can almost prove that Xi’an’s liquor is 12 kg!


Well, after getting enough antioxidants, let’s take a look at what other substances this sports drinker has absorbed?

(I think we should call him a physical model) Let’s do a simple calculation: the alcoholic drank 28 bottles of dry red wine at the same time: 20 thousand water, at least 4 sugar, at least 2.

5 kg of pure alcohol!

And 20 grams of pure tannin.
Obviously, this is not something humans can do . except him .