Health taboo: Although mulberry leaves are the king of plants, but three things do not pay attention, they are in vain


Health taboo: Although mulberry leaves are the king of plants, but three things do not pay attention, they are in vain

Many people who mention mulberry leaves will think of cute silkworms, which are not only the main food of silkworms, but also widely used Chinese herbal medicines.

Mulberry leaves have low requirements for the growing environment. Therefore, there are many places where mulberry leaves are cultivated in general. Don’t look at the common mulberry leaves. In fact, its efficacy is very outstanding. Today, everyone will fully understand the taste of mulberry leaves.Chinese herbal medicine.
Mulberry leaves are actually very common and common Chinese herbal medicines. Chinese medicine believes that it is bitter and cold, so it has the effect of evacuating the cold and clearing the liver and clearing the eyes. So what are the benefits of eating mulberry leaves regularly?

Can mulberry leaves treat certain diseases?

Benefit 1: Evacuation of cold Chinese medicine believes that mulberry leaves belong to the lung and liver, the unique cold and cool nature gives it the effect of evacuating cold, often compatible with chrysanthemum, platycodon and other Chinese herbal medicines, mainly used to treat wind-heat type colds.
Benefit 2: Regulate blood lipids, blood sugar and blood pressure. Mulberry leaves contain amino acids, alkaloids and multivitamins that are beneficial to the human body. Firstly, they can inhibit sugar metabolism and enhance insulin secretion, lowering blood sugar lowering effect. Secondly, mulberry leaves can improve blood.In the case of flow, the activity of angiotensin-converting enzyme is increased and the effects of blood pressure lowering and lowering blood pressure are lowered, so that patients with hypertension, hyperlipemia and hyperglycemia can appropriately drink some mulberry leaf tea.

Benefit 3: The peeling hormone in the beauty and mulberry leaves can promote the synthesis of protein in the body, and can improve the rough and dull skin. In addition, the alkaloids of mulberry leaves can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the body, and can play while adjusting the surrounding environment.The effect of laxative, this unique beauty and beauty effect is an important reason for women to welcome, especially the long-term constipation patients do not hinder the drinking of some mulberry tea conditioning.

Benefit 4: Anti-inflammatory antibacterial agents have information to show that anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory components of mulberry leaves, especially for Staphylococcus aureus or Salmonella typhimurium, have a good inhibitory effect, so when the body appears inflammation, drink a cup of mulberry teaIt would be more appropriate.

Although the benefits of mulberry leaves are many, only the correct intake of mulberry leaves can exert the maximum effect of mulberry leaves. What should be paid attention to during the process of eating mulberry leaves?

Let me talk about 3 points first: First of all, during the menstrual period, it is not suitable to eat mulberry leaf mulberry leaves, which is a cold Chinese herbal medicine with cooling blood to stop bleeding, while women have debilitating performance during menstruation, so it is necessary to avoid eating mulberry during menstruation.Leaves, prevent mulberry leaves from aggravating body cold symptoms and trigger menstrual irregularities such as dysmenorrhea or menopause.

In fact, the use of mulberry leaves should not be excessive. Although mulberry leaves have significant diarrhea and anti-inflammatory effects, excessive consumption often causes adverse effects. Its cold characteristics can damage the spleen and stomach, often causing nausea and loss of appetite.Discomfort symptoms.
Finally, it is not advisable to combine mulberry leaf tea in the fasting state of fasting mulberry leaves. This is because cold mulberry leaves can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, and it also stimulates the kidneys, often invisibly damaging the stomach and kidneys.It may even aggravate the original symptoms of the disease, making people’s faces worse and worse.

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