[Can I eat screws during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can I eat screws during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Many pregnant women in the southern region are not guilty of eating when they are pregnant. They like to eat something they eat. The most common is snail, which is also called a screwdriver. It lives on the edge of the field and the river and often lives in sewageThere will be more parasites inside. Although the meat is very delicious, but it is used a lot, the parasites invade the body, there will be some burdens and troubles, so can you eat screws during pregnancy?

Can pregnant women eat snails? Pregnant women should still eat as little as possible, it is best not to eat field snails.

Basically, field snails are aquatic products in life, so there will be a large number of parasites, especially if the edible field snails are derived from sewage, there are more parasites.

After pregnant women eat this field snail rich in parasites, these parasites can pass through the mother’s invasive protease, causing some diseases.

If pregnant women really want to eat field snails, it is best to prepare them by themselves. Field snails in roadside stalls or restaurants cannot guarantee their origin and whether they are handled cleanly.

After buying the raw snails, you can keep them in clear water for a few days, and change the water once a day, so that the waste in the snails can be replaced. When cooking, pay attention to cooking the snails thoroughly.

Method 1 for pregnant women to eat snail meat correctly. Pregnant women eat snail meat with caution. When you really want to eat it, don’t buy fried snails or grilled snails prepared by roadside stalls.

The best way is to make it by yourself. Put the purchased snails in clean water and raise them for a few days. Change the water once a day, and let the snails clean up the garbage in the body.Safety.

2. It is best to cook with water for more than 30 minutes.

During pregnancy, you need to pay attention to strengthening nutrition, paying attention to diet balance, and vegetarian diet. Regularly go to the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department to do health care during pregnancy and pregnancy. Introduce Tianluo and Muskmelon: The same food can damage the stomach.

From the analysis of food medicinal properties, Tianluo Dahan, muskmelon is cold, and has a mild cathartic effect. Both are cold, and the same food can damage the stomach.

Therefore, it is not advisable to eat cantaloupe immediately after eating snails, and it is not advisable to eat them together.

Tian snails and fungus are different: it is not good for digestion, and another way of saying it is poisoning.

The fungus is sweet and flat. In addition to protein, traces, vitamins, mineral elements (calcium, iron, phosphorus), it also contains phospholipids, plant gums and other nutrients.

These lipids and colloids have adverse reactions with some biologically active substances in the snail. From the perspective of food and medicine, cold snails encounter smooth fungus, which is not conducive to digestion.

Tianluo and ice products: cause indigestion or diarrhea.

Ice products can reduce human gastrointestinal temperature, eliminate digestive function, cold snails, after drinking snails, such as drinking ice water, or eating ice products, may cause indigestion or diarrhea.