How to love yourself and love life


How to love yourself and love life

How to love yourself?

How to love life more?

銆€銆€Like or love, it is not a thrilling and amazing thing. It is a kind of innate ability, and it is totally different from the psychological happiness of long-term peace in life.

Looking back, we all liked or fell in love with one or a few people, but we didn’t actually enlarge the happiness over and over again. We have the instinct and need of love, but we often invest in the ability to turn love into happiness.

Sometimes, crying “I love her/his” as a reason, is not a way to continue, but believe that “love” is not wrong, but is soberly immersed in yourself and struggling in the pain of love, timesAn unfair vent is gone.

銆€銆€Love, maybe just give us a reason to continue, just as we started to accomplish a lot of things. Without the initial impulse and temptation, we will always be in the same place, but by that kind of sensibility, after all, nothing will happen.
There are many things that people can use to attract each other, but people will only choose to let their happy people together.

Anyone, first of all, should be complete, and it is possible to find and possibly find another person who is in harmony with himself and who is also a complete person.

Therefore, the statements of the so-called “this other self in the world” and “the other half of the world” are not realistic, or if those people really exist, they may be more suitable to be friends, chat or play together.Rather than being observant.

Love, not to find someone to help you complete the transformation of maturity, but to have the ability to control it, let it serve its own happiness.

銆€銆€Although there is pain in love, people, in any case, should first become a complete, mentally sound, responsible person, and then it is possible to replace the pain of love to the greatest extent to find true happiness.
How to love yourself, how to love others, if there is such a tacit understanding, then it is the greatest happiness.