6 big food doctors hidden in the kitchen

6 big “food doctors” hidden in the kitchen

Guide: The kitchen is not only a place to make delicious food, it also has a new purpose, that is to treat diseases.
Don’t look at a lot of things, but when you have a headache, you can really come in handy, and there are no side effects.
Foods such as onions, potatoes, and oats that we eat every day are not only full of hunger and abdomen, but also have special preventive and curative effects.
銆€銆€It should be said that using food to prevent and treat diseases has become a shortcut to maintaining health today.
Therefore, we recommend the following “food doctors” to you.
銆€銆€鈥淧hysician鈥?Beer-heart disease Experiments have shown that if you keep a beer for 1 day, you will greatly reduce the risk of heart disease.
It must be reminded that beer can cure diseases and can cause illness. The key is the amount of drinking.
If you drink 1 cup a day, you can prevent heart disease. Drinking two cups or more a day will cause cardiovascular disease.
銆€銆€Orange juice – high blood pressure Orange juice is rich in potassium, calcium and vitamin C, which helps lower blood pressure.
Therefore, developing the habit of drinking orange juice regularly helps maintain normal blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease caused by high blood pressure.
銆€銆€Fish-Asthma Research has found that eating more fish can moisturize the lungs and replenish the lungs, thus alleviating the symptoms of asthma.
This is because the fish is rich in magnesium, just as doctors use magnesium in the emergency room to relieve asthma symptoms.
For patients with asthma, doctors recommend: It is best to eat fish or other seafood at least once a day for 3 meals.
銆€銆€Ginger Powder – Nausea Nausea is usually caused by hypoglycemia, which keeps blood in a certain sugar level.
If you have motion sickness, you may wish to bring some ginger powder. It can prevent dizziness and vomiting in advance.
銆€銆€Sugar-snoring Although it is not a serious illness, it is not only annoying for a long time.
Try a spoonful of sugar under your tongue.
The scientific explanation for this practice is not very clear. Some doctors say that sugar can stimulate the nerves on the back of the throat, and once the nerve is stimulated, some nerve signals are interrupted, including the sacral nerve that causes snoring.
銆€銆€Corn-nephritis Corn has a diuretic swelling and antihypertensive effect. Japanese folk use 1 part of corn, heat 3 parts of decoction on behalf of tea, morning and evening drink, to treat chronic nephritis edema.
銆€銆€Tea – headaches Headaches are usually caused by blood vessels. At this time, a cup of tea, caffeine in tea can inhibit vasoconstriction and relieve headaches.
銆€銆€Almond Chocolate 鈫?Memory Loss Almonds in chocolate contain vitamin E, which can effectively delay the age-related aging of the brain.
銆€銆€Egg shell – duodenal ulcer People with duodenal disease, the stomach secretes a large amount of stomach acid, the egg shell contains alkaline substances, which can neutralize excessive gastric acid, and achieve the therapeutic effect of relieving pain and making acid.
The egg shell is taken by washing and crushing the egg shell into a wok and frying it. Then the powder is finer. The finer the better, the amount of egg shell can be taken twice or three times a day, before meals orAfter the meal, swallow it with boiling water.
銆€銆€”Dermatologist” Steak – Bald Science has proven that people who regularly eat lean beef, even if they can’t completely solve the problem of hair loss, can at least delay the arrival of this day.
銆€銆€Oatmeal – Skin Itching Wrap the oatmeal in gauze and let the water in the shower pass through the gauze pack. This oatmeal shower can help treat eczema and improve dryness and itching of the skin.
銆€銆€Garlic – athlete’s foot Applying garlic to the affected area can inhibit and eliminate fungi, and it can relieve itching.
“Gynecologist” Flaxseed oil – dysmenorrhea It is recommended to eat flaxseed.
Experts pointed out that when prostaglandins enter human tissue, the uterus will produce reactive sputum, which is an important factor causing dysmenorrhea.
Eating flaxseed can prevent the release of prostaglandins.
Therefore, experts recommend that people with dysmenorrhea should eat 1 to 2 teaspoons of linseed oil per day, which can be applied to bread or mixed with salad.
銆€銆€”Surgeon” Onion – Bee Sting If you are caught by a bee, apply a piece of fresh onion to the bee sting, and the enzyme in the onion will prevent the toxin from spreading and inflaming.
銆€銆€Potato – Sciatica When you have sciatica, stand against the wall and use a potato on the painful part of your buttocks. At this time, the potato is like a support point for the muscles, which reduces muscle tension and reduces pain.
銆€銆€Bread – Toenail Inlay Put the ground bread in hot milk and mix well for 20 minutes, then use it repeatedly until it gets better.
銆€銆€Yam – hand and foot frostbite with a dry yam, finely applied.
Or, mastitis, breast swelling and pain, research into a yam mud external application.
銆€銆€Celery – bruises damage 30 to 50 grams of celery, smashed external application can dilate stagnation, swelling and detoxification, bruises, bruises and sores.
銆€銆€”Oncologist” Tomato – Prostate Cancer According to expert research, people who eat more than 10 tomatoes a week have a 45% lower chance of developing prostate cancer than the average person.
The Detroit Cancer Center in the United States used patients with prostate cancer as the research object. After 3 weeks, the cancer cells in the patients who took the tomato extract deteriorated and the metastasis was significantly slower.銆€銆€”Five Physician” Chamomile Tea – Oral Ulcers Brew a cup of chamomile tea, replenish it after cooling, don’t rush to gargle, first gargle back and forth in the mouth, once every two hours, this can alleviate the cause of oral ulcersArthritis.

銆€銆€Chewing gum – tooth yellow When you drink tea or coffee, chew a piece of sugar-free chewing gum in time, the mouth will secrete more saliva, so that the pigment has no chance to stay in the mouth.

銆€銆€Clove oil – toothache toothache is not a disease, it hurts to be terrible.

Quickly apply some clove oil to the pain in the cotton, let the cloves become the natural analgesic effect to deal with the pain, you will receive immediate results.

Ginseng extract, the ultimate anti-fatigue


Ginseng extract, the ultimate anti-fatigue

The study of the scientific mechanism of ginseng began with the development of modern chemistry.

At the end of the 19th century, scientists from all over the world began to study the chemical constituents of ginseng.

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that ginsenoside is the main functional ingredient of ginseng, which can reproduce almost all the physiological activities of ginseng crude preparation, and is the essence of ginseng.

銆€銆€In 1983, Japanese scientist Kitagawa Hiroshi took the lead in extracting high-active substance Rg3 from ginseng saponin. What inspired scientists was that Rg3 has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, enhances immunity, protects liver, resists fatigue, and protects brain nerve cells.And anti-thrombosis and other pharmacological effects.

More importantly, the discovery of Rg3 uses the most accurate molecular structure to interpret the magical effect of ginseng, which is recognized by the international academic community as a representative component of the positive effects of ginseng, thus uncovering the magical effect of ginseng.The road puzzle.

銆€銆€However, due to the extremely low content of Rg3 in ginseng, it is only three hundred thousandths, and its extraction and preparation process is extremely complicated and expensive. In the international market, 99% of pure Rg3, 1 mm value is as high as 300 US dollars.

In the United States, Japan, France, South Korea, scientists from the former Soviet Union have been conducting research for many years, and it is impossible to obtain high-purity Rg3 by industrial methods.

銆€銆€In 1995, scientists and scientists invented a special industrialization process to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough in Rg3 production technology, which increased Rg3 content by 410 times and purity by 95%.

銆€銆€The success of Rg3 extraction has created a new raw material for medicine.

Scientists spent five years completing a number of pharmacological and clinical trials. In 2000, they obtained the “New Drug Certificate” for a new class of traditional Chinese medicine monomer approved by the State Food and Drug Administration, which is hailed as “a major study of anti-cancer research in Chinese medicine in the new century.”breakthrough”.

銆€銆€Absolutely, a large number of scientific experiments have proved that Rg3 not only has anti-tumor effect, but also is recognized as one of the best anti-fatigue substances in the field of functional foods. It has been named “anti-fatigue factor” by some scholars!

銆€銆€In the modern competitive society, Rg3 health products are the health preservation book for successful people.

How to choose the right oat product


How to choose the right oat product

Oatmeal is well nourished, which has almost become a common sense of the public.

It has been said that its vitamin content is very high; it has been said that it contains beta glucan, which can help prevent cardiovascular disease; it has been said that its blood sugar rises slowly and is the best food for diabetics;Others have heard that it is not easy to feel obese after eating, and it is very weighty for people who lose weight.


銆€銆€However, in the face of all kinds of products such as 鈥渙atmeal鈥? 鈥渙atmeal鈥?and 鈥渙atmeal鈥?on the shelf, which one would you choose?

After you buy it, how will you eat it?

This is not something everyone can say.

If you don’t get it, you probably won’t buy oatmeal at all, or you can’t meet all of the above expectations.

.銆€銆€Is oatmeal and oatmeal a thing?

銆€銆€At the same time not a thing.

Pure oatmeal is rolled from oatmeal and has a slender shape. The diameter is about the same as that of soy beans. The shape is complete.

The fast-food oatmeal that has been processed by the instant food has some loose feeling, but still can polish its own shape.

Oatmeal is highly viscous, which is the result of the healthy ingredients of beta glucan.

Its hypolipidemic, hypoglycemic, and high satiety effects are closely related to this viscous substance.

In general, the more viscous oats are cooked, the better the health benefits.

銆€銆€Oatmeal is made from a variety of cereals, such as wheat, rice, corn, barley, etc., where oatmeal is only a small part, or even no oatmeal at all.

Foreign products like to add dried fruit, nut pieces, beans and other pieces, domestic products like to add maltodextrin, sugar, creamer (fat), flavor and so on.

Under this, adding fruit nuts and beans for extra health can greatly supplement the source of fiber; adding sugar and dextrin will reduce the nutritional value and increase the rate of blood sugar rise; adding creamer is not conducive to cardiovascular health, because creamerContains partially hydrogenated vegetable oils in which the “trans fatty acid” component promotes plasma production.

銆€銆€Is it proper for me to buy sweet cereals without sweetness?

銆€銆€Of course, it is preferred to choose oatmeal or oatmeal without sweetness.

Natural grains, without a doubt, do not contain sugar.

If you take a small bag of 40 grams of cereal in a small bowl, there is a suitable sweet taste, which means that it contains 20 grams of sugar, then half of the cereal you buy is actually white sugar!

Can you expect it to have a high nutritional value for such a product?

銆€銆€So what about sugar-free products?

Still not optimistic.

If it has a sweet taste, then you must have added some high-potency sweeteners such as cyclamate, acesulfame, and aspartame.

These things are mainly chemical synthetic products, and children under 2 years old cannot eat them.

Although aspartame is a peptide substance, its international safety is still too controversial.

The most important thing is that high-efficiency sweeteners only need to add a little bit, so what do you use to recharge?

Usually, a starch pulverized material such as maltodextrin or the like is added.

Dextrin, like white sugar, quickly raises blood sugar and contains almost no other nutrients.

People who need to control blood sugar should not be confused by the word “no sugar”, or buy pure oatmeal!

銆€銆€It is said that whole-grain food is particularly good. Why can’t you see whole-grain oatmeal?

銆€銆€Oats and wheat are two different grains.
Wheat is usually ground to “white flour” and large amounts of nutrients in the outer layer are lost.
Pure oatmeal itself is the whole grain, and it has not been treated to remove the outer layer, so it does not need to declare “whole wheat” or not.

Moreover, the nutritional value of pure oatmeal is much higher than that of whole wheat flour.

It is important to note that the nutritional value of the product is increased by the proportion of oatmeal in the product.

Containing rice flour, corn and other ingredients, the nutritional value will be discounted.

銆€銆€Some cereals have added other nutrients, indicating high calcium, high iron, high protein, etc. Is such a product better than pure oatmeal?

銆€銆€The nutritional value of oatmeal itself is high enough to make a main food, even without adding other nutrients.

Merchants who add some nutrients can sincerely hope to improve the quality of their products. The alternative is a way of publicity to attract consumers to buy it first.

Some “oatmeal” products themselves contain a small proportion of oatmeal, and even the addition of other nutrients such as calcium, protein, etc., is actually no more nutritious than pure oatmeal.

Do not think that after adding some nutrients, processed products will definitely outperform natural products.

銆€銆€Some of the poorly packaged large bags of oatmeal are often less popular, and what these other nutrients and ingredients do not look like, is this product ok?

銆€銆€These products are not a fancy marketing, nor a synthetic substance, is the real natural oatmeal.

Natural oatmeal with a protein content of up to 13%?
15%, of which calcium and potassium are very high, 尾 glucan content is very rich, and a small amount of unsaturated fatty acids.

These simple, flat-looking products are not attractive, and may not taste so good when eaten. It is also troublesome to cook, but please note that this is the characteristic of pure natural products.

銆€銆€It is a pity that many consumers simply don’t know what is called pure oatmeal. I don’t know if it tastes so light, the taste is so thick, and even a bit of a prick.

They are attracted by the slogan of “natural”, but they only love to add a variety of sweet processed products.

Because, after years of infiltration of processed foods, many people have been unable to adapt to the rough, light natural flavor.

This taste itself is unhealthy.

銆€銆€Many oatmeal products have the “fat creamer” ingredient. What can it do?

銆€銆€Creamer can improve the taste, but it contains partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, which contains a lot of trans fatty acids and saturated fatty acids, which is not good for health.

The adverse effects of trans fatty acids include raising low-density lipoprotein levels while lowering low-density lipoprotein plasma, increasing the risk of diabetes, adversely affecting children’s nervous system development, and increasing the risk of infertility.

銆€銆€Many oatmeal products are priced without cooking, so is it cooked or washed?

銆€銆€From a health point of view, it is better to cook yourself.

Because boiled oatmeal can provide maximum satiety, blood sugar rises the slowest.

At the same time, these added oatmeal pieces do not contain any added ingredients, such as sugar, creamer, maltodextrin, flavor and the like.

Some instant pure oatmeal can be heated in just one or two minutes, and they are also a good choice.

銆€銆€Those ready-to-eat products cater to consumers’ needs for convenience and taste, and this demand is not necessarily consistent with health values.

For example, most of these products have added sugar, which not only reduces the nutritional value, but also reduces the advantages of reducing the rate of hypoglycemia and high satiety of oatmeal.

There are also many types of convulsions added to the non-dairy creamer (creamer), which will help oatmeal to prevent the benefits of cardiovascular disease.

How to love yourself and love life


How to love yourself and love life

How to love yourself?

How to love life more?

銆€銆€Like or love, it is not a thrilling and amazing thing. It is a kind of innate ability, and it is totally different from the psychological happiness of long-term peace in life.

Looking back, we all liked or fell in love with one or a few people, but we didn’t actually enlarge the happiness over and over again. We have the instinct and need of love, but we often invest in the ability to turn love into happiness.

Sometimes, crying “I love her/his” as a reason, is not a way to continue, but believe that “love” is not wrong, but is soberly immersed in yourself and struggling in the pain of love, timesAn unfair vent is gone.

銆€銆€Love, maybe just give us a reason to continue, just as we started to accomplish a lot of things. Without the initial impulse and temptation, we will always be in the same place, but by that kind of sensibility, after all, nothing will happen.
There are many things that people can use to attract each other, but people will only choose to let their happy people together.

Anyone, first of all, should be complete, and it is possible to find and possibly find another person who is in harmony with himself and who is also a complete person.

Therefore, the statements of the so-called “this other self in the world” and “the other half of the world” are not realistic, or if those people really exist, they may be more suitable to be friends, chat or play together.Rather than being observant.

Love, not to find someone to help you complete the transformation of maturity, but to have the ability to control it, let it serve its own happiness.

銆€銆€Although there is pain in love, people, in any case, should first become a complete, mentally sound, responsible person, and then it is possible to replace the pain of love to the greatest extent to find true happiness.
How to love yourself, how to love others, if there is such a tacit understanding, then it is the greatest happiness.