How do people block obesity in middle age?


How do people block obesity in middle age?

At the class reunion, the classmates who have not seen for a few years said that Guan Lei was “fat”.

The last class reunion was five years ago. At that time, almost all the students who attended the meeting had different degrees of “horizontal development” compared to the university period. Only Guan Lei’s body shape did not change, but once, Guan Lei wasObviously getting fat, some students also teased: Is it because the scorpion adds baking powder to your food, how can it expand so much?

Another classmate said.

Lian Guanlei’s 鈥減enny鈥?is also fat. It seems that people are not able to escape from 鈥渇ertilizer鈥?in middle age!

銆€銆€Yes, Guan Lei is a lot fatter this year. I don’t want to admit it. The stomach is especially big.

The wife is also continuing: Guan Lei, how do you like a child who is licking a child, the pants change every year!

No, Guan Lei wears pants, 30 yards the year before, 31 yards last year, 33 yards this year, the average is more than one yard per year.

銆€銆€Guan Lei didn’t know when he started, and he didn’t know how to get fat. The wife immediately pointed his finger at Guan Lei’s nightingale and immediately gave instructions: Don’t eat nightingale.

Guan Lei thinks that his wife’s idea is arbitrary and unobtrusive. It is a prejudice against the nightingale.

銆€銆€Guan Lei’s habit of eating supper was cultivated from college.

Three or five confidants, a round table, beer bubbling, fried tofu outside crispy, peanuts full of grain . Of course, the highlights of the nightingale, mainly the boys’ unrestrained laughter and the night when the wine isThe voice of pouring. This constitutes Guan Lei’s most beautiful memory of life, so that he can’t sleep without eating anything before going to bed every day, even affecting his ideal of being a family: looking for a wife who also loves the nightingale!

The two of them brought the wine to the wind and thought about the future in the smell of peanuts. It is not beautiful, right?

銆€銆€Mei Lei has always felt that the requirements of graduates are not high, but they have repeatedly hit the wall in reality.

Whether it is a full-bodied crush or a slim figure, the attitude toward the nightingale is strikingly consistent: eating supper is easy to gain weight, can not eat!

銆€銆€In the end, Guan Lei couldn’t find Ken Tiantian to accompany him to eat the nightingale. He had to find a Kentian night to give him a snack. Sometimes he also cooked a small dish for him. He added pork red soup to the onion cake, white cut beef with peanuts.Mi’s wife.

His wife’s cooking skills are quite good, and Guan Lei shook his head.

From time to time, he recruited a few iron buddies from the unit on the weekend, and watched the football game at the delicious nightingale in the middle of the night. It was a great pleasure in life!

銆€銆€Once the wife’s 鈥渃urfew鈥?order is implemented, can this wonderful time only be savoured?

No, Guan Lei was very upset and protested: “I used to eat the same before, how can I not get fat?

“At that time, you are young, metabolism is fast, you can be 36 years old this year!”

“Guan Lei moved out another reason: dinner time is 7 o’clock, until the next morning at 8 o’clock in the morning to have breakfast, this interval is nearly 13 hours, how to do it without eating something!”

Under his “reasonable argument”, his wife relaxed the policy, like Beijing’s attitude toward fireworks – “forbidden to change the limit.”

However, it is still absolutely forbidden to fry, fry, roast, wax and other nightingales, only to eat some light taste, such as black rice porridge, boiled radish. Guan Lei lamented: once again, it is not good, but also to get bowl of braised beefInstant noodles plus two ham sausages!

What makes him sad is that the two doors have passed, and this night is limited to a limit, but his weight is not light.

He wants to know, is it true that when people reach middle age, they can’t escape a fat?

銆€銆€The doctor commented: “Middle-aged blessing” is indeed a relatively common phenomenon.

There are many reasons for this, and it is difficult to boil down to a certain factor.

To analyze the reason for “middle-aged blessing”, we must first talk about the cause of obesity. In addition to pathological obesity, simple obesity is broken down with the simplest words. Then, the absorption is too much, and the excess is converted to aunt., thus forming too much.

銆€銆€There are many reasons for the “middle-aged blessing”. There are biological reasons, that is, after 30 years of age (also known as the 25-year-old literature), the metabolic rate gradually decreases, that is, the reduction required for life-sustaining activities.

But more is the reason for sociology. I have summarized it a few times here. You don’t hinder the reference and see if you have a similar situation.


After entering middle age, life is usually more comfortable, physical labor is reduced when younger, and the personality tends to be rational and calm, and the face is more serious. For example, the speed of walking slows down, the speech rate slows down, and it is not easy to be excited.A decrease in interest or a reluctance to show up, causing a reduction in consumption.


After entering middle age, work and life have a certain foundation, the military physical work is enough, for example: it is a staff member, often need to run errands, after a few years of hard work, become a section chief, more time to stay in the office;The hard seat can only stand still, and now you can sleep in a sleeper or even a soft sleeper; the original often travels outside, regardless of the heat and cold, and now stays in the air-conditioned room all day, all of which consume less human body.


After entering middle age, overall, the pressure is younger when you are younger. When you are young, you have the test, the entrance to school, the graduation, the pressure to find a job, and you have to go all out. In middle age, most of the work is stable, and the pressure is of course.But the nature is different.

If you are dealing with the promotion, some people may look at it and think it is a matter of time.

Even if it doesn’t rise, it doesn’t matter much. This kind of pressure is obviously lighter than when it is younger, and the consumption is naturally reduced.銆€銆€4.

After entering middle age.

With the improvement of economic conditions, the work foundation is solid, the living standard is gradually improved, and the entertainment is increasing. As a result, the displacements that are often replaced are constantly increasing.

銆€銆€The above is just a simple analysis. It is enough to confirm that after entering middle age, there is a problem that the dose consumption is reduced and the increase is replaced, so this period is easy to be obese.

At this time, it is not easy to lose weight. Therefore, it is not only necessary to lose frying, frying, roasting and other greasy foods, but also to reduce the total amount of conversion, especially before going to bed to try not to eat or eat less nightingale.

Night metabolism slows down, and the absorption of the absorption is more easily converted into a small amount of storage.

Great summer health diet recommended


Great summer health diet recommended


Rice red bean porridge: 50 grams of glutinous rice, 25 grams of red beans, both washed and put into the pot, add appropriate amount of water to soak for 3-4 hours, cook until cooked, cool and eat.

This porridge has the effect of clearing heat, diuresis and detoxification.

Frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria can be eaten regularly.


Lotus leaf winter melon soup: fresh lotus leaves (washed, chopped), fresh melon 500 grams, add water soup, seasoning with salt, drink soup to eat melon.

It has the effects of clearing heat and relieving heat, diuretic dehumidification, and thirst, especially suitable for summer thirst, cough, phlegm and yellow thick, less urine, yellow color, and oral ulcers.


Bitter melon lean broth: 200 grams of fresh bitter gourd, go to simmer, 100 grams of lean pork, diced.

Add the appropriate amount of boiled soup to the casserole.

After cooking, add some salt to taste.

It can clear away heat and heat, clearing eyes and detoxifying, especially suitable for polydipsia caused by heat, gum swelling and pain, and excessive secretion of eyes.


Mung bean pumpkin soup: 50 grams of mung beans, 500 grams of old pumpkin, similar to salt.

Wash the mung bean water, add salt instead of water (3 grams), mix well, marinate for a few minutes, rinse with water.

Peel the pumpkin, wash it with water, cut into 2 cm square pieces for use.

Add 500 ml of water to the pot. After boiling, first boil the green beans for 2 minutes, pour in cold water, boil, add the pumpkin to the pan, cover the lid, and boil for about 30 minutes with simmer until the mung bean blooms and add some salt.Season it.

It has the functions of clearing heat, detoxifying, diuresis, and promoting vital energy.

Three types of people should not do liposuction


Three types of people should not do liposuction

“Slimming” is an eternal topic for women, and the method of losing weight is endless. Liposuction is a relatively advanced method of weight loss.

The relevant experts pointed out that three types of people should not do liposuction to lose weight.

銆€銆€According to experts from Beijing Mengniyhuang Shuanghua Hospital Plastic Surgery Center, the three types of people who are not suitable for liposuction and weight loss surgery are: people with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes and blood dysfunction; due to endocrine excess or some degreeDisease-induced obesity caused by disease; children under the age of 18, physical development is not perfect, the number of accidental body is not constant, if blind liposuction, it is easy to rebound, it will destroy the child’s growth cycle and endanger health.

銆€銆€It is understood that when exercise therapy, drug therapy, growth therapy and other traditional weight loss techniques are not very effective, in the early 1980s, French beauty doctors proposed a “liposuction diet.”

At present, this method of weight loss is prevalent in Europe and the United States with its special effects, so it has also been introduced.

Liposuction and weight loss have become the new favorite of the obese family because of its short operation time, no pain, quick effect, and difficulty in rebounding.

However, many people are less fat-minded, and when they know little about liposuction, they can find a beauty salon to do liposuction. The result is not only the expected results, but also the unevenness of the wounds, skin necrosis, infection.Complications, etc., cause damage to health.

Experts say that liposuction and weight loss surgery is done well, the key is to look at the balance between equipment, operator technology and the amount of liposuction.

Experts suggest that consumers should carefully consider the hardware technology and personnel quality of the institution when doing liposuction and weight loss surgery. Otherwise, blindly doing liposuction surgery is indeed dangerous.

銆€銆€Experts also remind consumers that a small amount of human beings exists between the skin and the muscles, and the effect of excessively thin or blindly sucking unfortunately is unfavorable to the human body. Liposuction and weight loss surgery are limited to subcutaneous mast cells.The adult layer can actually be reduced to one-fifth of the original adult population to achieve slimming effect.

Before liposuction, the doctor will perform an ultrasound scan on the person who comes to the liposuction, so that the person’s microlayer thickness can be clearly displayed on the screen if it can be used for liposuction.

Generally speaking, if the adult layer is within 2 cm, it is not necessary and can not be used for liposuction, if it is 3.


5 cm, then it is necessary to perform surgery.