Great summer health diet recommended


Great summer health diet recommended


Rice red bean porridge: 50 grams of glutinous rice, 25 grams of red beans, both washed and put into the pot, add appropriate amount of water to soak for 3-4 hours, cook until cooked, cool and eat.

This porridge has the effect of clearing heat, diuresis and detoxification.

Frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria can be eaten regularly.


Lotus leaf winter melon soup: fresh lotus leaves (washed, chopped), fresh melon 500 grams, add water soup, seasoning with salt, drink soup to eat melon.

It has the effects of clearing heat and relieving heat, diuretic dehumidification, and thirst, especially suitable for summer thirst, cough, phlegm and yellow thick, less urine, yellow color, and oral ulcers.


Bitter melon lean broth: 200 grams of fresh bitter gourd, go to simmer, 100 grams of lean pork, diced.

Add the appropriate amount of boiled soup to the casserole.

After cooking, add some salt to taste.

It can clear away heat and heat, clearing eyes and detoxifying, especially suitable for polydipsia caused by heat, gum swelling and pain, and excessive secretion of eyes.


Mung bean pumpkin soup: 50 grams of mung beans, 500 grams of old pumpkin, similar to salt.

Wash the mung bean water, add salt instead of water (3 grams), mix well, marinate for a few minutes, rinse with water.

Peel the pumpkin, wash it with water, cut into 2 cm square pieces for use.

Add 500 ml of water to the pot. After boiling, first boil the green beans for 2 minutes, pour in cold water, boil, add the pumpkin to the pan, cover the lid, and boil for about 30 minutes with simmer until the mung bean blooms and add some salt.Season it.

It has the functions of clearing heat, detoxifying, diuresis, and promoting vital energy.