Three types of people should not do liposuction


Three types of people should not do liposuction

“Slimming” is an eternal topic for women, and the method of losing weight is endless. Liposuction is a relatively advanced method of weight loss.

The relevant experts pointed out that three types of people should not do liposuction to lose weight.

銆€銆€According to experts from Beijing Mengniyhuang Shuanghua Hospital Plastic Surgery Center, the three types of people who are not suitable for liposuction and weight loss surgery are: people with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes and blood dysfunction; due to endocrine excess or some degreeDisease-induced obesity caused by disease; children under the age of 18, physical development is not perfect, the number of accidental body is not constant, if blind liposuction, it is easy to rebound, it will destroy the child’s growth cycle and endanger health.

銆€銆€It is understood that when exercise therapy, drug therapy, growth therapy and other traditional weight loss techniques are not very effective, in the early 1980s, French beauty doctors proposed a “liposuction diet.”

At present, this method of weight loss is prevalent in Europe and the United States with its special effects, so it has also been introduced.

Liposuction and weight loss have become the new favorite of the obese family because of its short operation time, no pain, quick effect, and difficulty in rebounding.

However, many people are less fat-minded, and when they know little about liposuction, they can find a beauty salon to do liposuction. The result is not only the expected results, but also the unevenness of the wounds, skin necrosis, infection.Complications, etc., cause damage to health.

Experts say that liposuction and weight loss surgery is done well, the key is to look at the balance between equipment, operator technology and the amount of liposuction.

Experts suggest that consumers should carefully consider the hardware technology and personnel quality of the institution when doing liposuction and weight loss surgery. Otherwise, blindly doing liposuction surgery is indeed dangerous.

銆€銆€Experts also remind consumers that a small amount of human beings exists between the skin and the muscles, and the effect of excessively thin or blindly sucking unfortunately is unfavorable to the human body. Liposuction and weight loss surgery are limited to subcutaneous mast cells.The adult layer can actually be reduced to one-fifth of the original adult population to achieve slimming effect.

Before liposuction, the doctor will perform an ultrasound scan on the person who comes to the liposuction, so that the person’s microlayer thickness can be clearly displayed on the screen if it can be used for liposuction.

Generally speaking, if the adult layer is within 2 cm, it is not necessary and can not be used for liposuction, if it is 3.


5 cm, then it is necessary to perform surgery.