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  ”What did you do for me stare?”Pei Naochun has come off the cabinet, he remembers the past every time Li Xiuzhi darn things are here to take the sewing head, he calmly rummaging in it – yes, to be calm, take their stuff, what good tension of, “Yes, Ming stature relative to see, you say if I would want to change a?”
  Li Xiuzhi the cloth back in广州桑拿网to the small compartment under the bed board, this barrier very creative, stuck in the middle of the mattress and bedpost, but also with dark paint on the times, unless take an ax to split outsiders never see, this is also the period before the war, leaving the elders: “What change change?People are watching the construction, but not to see us, we spent a piercing, but also for the people we were married here ah?”
  ”OK, I’ll wear this one.”Pei Naochun hand reached his destination, he moves quickly, that thing will be stuffed into a pocket, and closed the door, he carefully avoided the sharp point, for fear that the needle himself,” I went outside to go go.”
  ”I would like to say the same will not let you out.”Li Xiuzhi waved, glanced at her husband, the number of ticket roll over, it’s time to see a good save cotton, she wondered, gotta be a new bed sheets, can now buy the right cloth.
  Pei get success Naochun calmly go, only he knows his own heart beat too fast, he turned the corner, about two coming into the son’s room, then he took off his shirt already Pei building, such as for the like, the clothes spread out flat on the bed, stri北京夜网pped to the waist, with the wild brother is optional, even if the clothes broken, still have to this day been, Cook somehow, mom mood is certainly a good point, the name of the idea two brothers busy for months did not stop.
  Pei Naochun pocket and pulled out a sewing kit, he had just touched a wicker basket in the closet, inside there is such a sewing kit looks very old, and some rag head, he did not take, through this package, can feel the presence of needle mar

ver and over again a 深圳桑拿网few, just heard a door, she subconsciously cloth cover, pull the quilt cover at the top, saw Pei Naochun, just calm down, continue to busy.

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  ”You are doing it?”Pei Naochun against the wall, see stupefied, Li Xiuzhi living at home played a dirty test site, where work had just come back is like a.
  Li Xiuzhi take a 佛山桑拿网look at him: “Why can?Count the money, the number of votes!”
  ”What number do this.”He do not understand the mentality of Li Xiuzhi, money from home, there are other psychological account of this.Which also use the number.
  ”Not to count how many?”Li Xiuzhi the top of the first sentence and then said,” this number, I was happy!”
  Before a wife, she can there be tube qualifications money, even the Great Year back home to get something, it had carried out under the supervision of her mother, if a little more to get an egg, but also oblique accusations mother, said she was eat the expense, elbow out Shui!Wait until their masters, and this has been the tube qualifications money management accounts, do not look at the money, ticket volume is not looking at much, can treasure all her heart, head, and she can not wait to sleep in your han北京养生会所d firmly grasping a day, the United States was not.
  But now the money, he would take out!Li Xiuzhi ugly face was not, and my heart grew more and more sad, she was so careful, serious accumulation, in order to finally have this savings, now look, do not say we should no more.
  Especially the eldest son, also have to find a Prodigal bitch, do not the door, you have a lot of rattling off her savings, to what ah sewing machine!Keep cash, not better?If the other side is home to ensure a sewing machine over a field I’ll be back, do not agree she is hanged.
  Already angry, their own little boy also stir up trouble.
  Li Xiuzhi first baby wrapped up their money, anger stare eye husband, said his son hero father is a hero, she saw ah, silly own son, is with Pei Naochun, housekeeping will not connect the dots!She’s stil


ch act, not to mention that tomorrow must look, and he confirmed Bifang can not do with it, how to trouble others the truth, Rao is the straight man as Bae Naochun, we can not accept the idea of this little boy.

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  Pei building still maintains a single hand and clothes posture, very awkward, I’m afraid that he can be let go, a free clothes to fall, t南宁夜网he greater the more pull the hole: “But Dad, how do those clothes?”He was the most robust one, brother and father than he was emaciated, even if they really lend clothes to him, he did not wear ah?If the village to find someone else to borrow, it touches okay, can Bifang home is the same village, and if the people knew, they would say out of the home coveralls to wear no clothes, the mother must be angry.
  ”Mend it has the!”
  ”But Dad, brother and I did not do needlework, needlework at Mom that.”Pei helped to build their own brother to speak.
  ”.This.”Pei Naochun lengleleng, yes, he and Li Xiuzhi room, like a half a warehouse, all the things a little expensive, almost all of them in Tuen room, this needle and thread, every time the cupboard is Li Xiuzhi out of the two sons do not sew, which will be sewing.
  ”It’s okay, I’ll g都市体验网et, do not know your mother.”Pei Naochun thought, and immediately turned away, ready to go to the room fish in troubled waters, the line out.
  He faster pace, did not find behind two sons looked at each other, want to reach out and stopped him, he failed to stop –
  Dad, even if you want to back up needle and thread is useles北京夜网s, we are not used ah?
  Pei Naochun lifted the curtain into the house, today shouldering an important mission, he can not help but be somewhat deliberately between behavior, after all, he has not done steal – no, take things their own home, how can it be counted stolen?Just take a look at Bale.
  Li Xiuzhi sitting cross-legged on the bed, placed a cloth spread out in front of her, on the square tile, is wrapped ticket volume, good money with the head Shengkun, she is carefully, o


each other, to help us to see relatives.

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  Her mind this life along the Pei building, as he set the Subi Fang, and Pei built to have no opinion, it is 苏州桑拿网still the same and the last generation, looking for a girl from the neighboring village.
  The past few days, Li Xiuzhi thinking wedding reception and from house to spend the money, every day is distressed very tough battle, how about watching two sons are not pleasing to the eye, and Pei Pei building was built on the road to quite exceptionally gracious, be gracious again, Li Xiuzhi just appeared in front of you a scolding Mian Bude.
  Tomorrow is a good set of Subi Fang Pei construction phase and see the day, Li Xiuzhi repeatedly said, ranging from marriage do not do new clothes, Pei to build the set in two sets of clothes in the election update, do not dirty, can be taken aback Unexpectedly, this real eye child, heart and mind Li Xiuzhi heart is not happy, trail running all the way back, the result of this, hey clothes to broke.
  ”You s苏州桑拿网aid.”Pei Ling Guan building flash,” I put the clothes for Let Bifang help me how to Bubu?”He grew more and more felt this idea exquisite, home sewing all in the mother that she put what they do not know, say, if she really got, he would not make it?
  Pei built to silence, he looked at his brother, then glanced clothes: “Brother, I think.It seems not very good.”
  ”But how bad it?”Said Pei building, quite excited,” you do not know it?Bifang craft particularly good, she often to their own clothes to mend it!Her father’s clothes often find her sewing, she added too fast, still strong.”
  ”.But brother, do not you want this dress to Pitt Tanya, she sewed, wear it to her house tomorrow?”Pei built to always think that something wrong.
  ”For ah, Bifang action soon.”Pei building confidently say.
  ”Fast also not allowed to take!”Pei Naochun just entered the room, think of the backyard to find some water, but Watch the two sons dialogue scene, look at this building Pei said anything yet!How can su


Brother, you.”Pei Jian and from the back three steps, raised his hand, his face filled with ‘not my thing’,” Mom will be angry.”He sent up a, you finished.

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  ”This is how to do?”Pei building was struck by lightning as he can not wait just a throwback to the time, he carefully took off his clothes, never tear.
  ”Brother, tomorrow you do not want to read it and Bi-phase Tanya?”Pei built to solemnly, eyes drifting of that just from hanging clothes, and that on top of a building Pei’s clothes, but many piles stitched patches, stitching can be seen repeatedly mending traces.
  The village of cloth votes, cotton votes are in accordance with human hair, a family of five, the annual ticket volume is not en杭州桑拿论坛ough to do a few clothes, twelve quilt, especially a few years ago, the three sons of a race a grow faster If you want new clothes, it is estimated have to see day to redo.
  Apart from studying to go out, wear clothes too difficult to see his dirty clothes Pei Jiancheng slightly more, and Pei Pei building has been built to rely on two hands of Li Xiuzhi repeatedly to carry out stitches stitching clothes, short to pick a piece of cloth, small the stitches a seam, two brothers different body, so altogether have two sets of clothes and a half, later said with a smile, and dried to wear a set, on them has been the fact that, from what is not a joke.
  Especially in recent years, Li Xiuzhi wondering two sons to the age of marriage, when to pull the cloth always something new clothes, bed sets, playing bed of cotton, long ago began to deposit ticket, this house five people, too Pei Jiancheng it can get new clothes every year the.
  After two days before Li Xiuzhi made up his mind, moves quickly, she said, and asked a matchmaker to help advance talked about dowry bride price on something, you have to arrange a program with small children by watchi北京夜网ng some – this must look, but also the village the old rules, be considered to recognize the pro, the man and the woman will their homes to


broke!Are you trying to piss me off?Now no one at home cloth, torn your clothes, and your brother will go for the wear!No clothes to wear, do not wear, squatting at home!”

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  Gates of fire, adverse impacts to fish, fresh from the river back to Pei Jian, who took the pot a good wash clothes, he directed Li Xiuzhi ingratiating smile: “Mom, I have to slow dirty c北京夜网lothes, my brother to wear!”He Bi Gege Shaoai length, and thin with a lot of the brain there is nothing inappropriate clothes concept, to put sincere.
  ”Who cares that you tattered clothes, keep your own!”Li Xiuzhi listened to more angry,” Anyway, I do not sew, who broke who own the whole, that time must look, do not let people see is not in!”She put down the relentless, twist twist into the house, looking at maybe stupid kid to gas, it is better to count the number of those going to the ticket away from her!
  ”Brother, how you provoked angry mother?”Pei built to blame stared at his brother.
  Pei building took his brother’s hand basin, dates back yard two crooked tree tied with a rope, clothes are drying on this: “No, I just went to get something, to put clothes torn.”He is tall, full strength, the action quickly drying clothes, carrying his body,” to build, you help me find this great little hole?”
  ”to make.”Pei built to handle the body rub rub, eyes narrowed, he found on his brother’s clothes, said Li Xiuzhi really find that blows, this is not a small hole in the back of the arm to a central location, draw a mark, top there are dragged ope都市体验网n thread, “brother, this hole a little big, how do you put clothes torn it!”
  Pei building immediately face some fear, he hands back enough, trying to push lightly clothes come Chou Chou point, confirmation hole size, it can be rough with his actions, clothes immediately declare a strike, I heard the noise sounded crisp in two brothers under the eyes, this shirt immediately became cardigan – kinda fashion, style is back open, exposing the inside straight lean, black skin.


chop firewood an深圳桑拿d picked wild.”Li Xiuzhi thought of going to this stupid son is busy, do not know each other to please her way to gas,” There, you see, What kind of clothes you wear?”

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  Pei building looking down, looking at his clothes – this is not very good for you?His eyes stared blankly at Li Xiuzhi, the body moves faster than the mind: “Mom, 深圳桑拿网sorry, I was wrong, tired yesterday and today got up late, I have breakfast tomorrow!”
  .More angry.
  Li Xiuzhi mouth twitched: “line of the line, not to mention those who were courtesy, come for dinner!”
  If she say built, the other party must have been next to her, cold to the baby, even a mistake on the Pei building where, are confused!

Chapter 40’s in the text of eccentric father (seven)?(nine)
  These days, the sky like Kurtis shrouded in a pall do not loose, dignified atmosphere of the house, no one dare to voice, for fear of infuriating the man –
  Pei construction crept walked in, he was carrying his backpack and foot bust size, packed inside when full, from the shoulders to tighten the rope can see the components inside the basket, he gingerly, walking against the wall, with great difficulty stay at the basket do南宁夜网wn in the backyard, relief, just to get up, it was back up to the sound of a given body technique like cast, motionless.
  ”Yes you Pei building, this is where to do?”Li Xiuzhi hands on his hips, his son came to see the big air, she can see that his backpack and can eat a lot of white mushroom, and just next to mature mountainChestnut, know Pei building is the fruit of the mountains to collect points to go after, but what of it?She would have made air, “You just born this year ah?How much people, running around back to me, and gave me clothes to climb a tree, right?Look at you, who are all gray.”
  She went nearer helped pat gray, can be serious look, she found really drew a hole on the Pei building clothes, but not deep, not cracking, temper once again: “Pei building, you could see for himself clothes gave me


e things, why can!”

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  Pei Naochun know each other’s heart shaken: “accompany over, learning at home, you see the village next door to our aunt that woman, not to help people at home杭州桑拿 do something to mend?”
  This time, the sewing machine is not a popular thing, we all advocate clothed yourself, pleasant speed, after all, difficult than the previous machine, sewing machine sewing Moreover, out of the stitches still flush with home sewing machine will usually surrounding the village to help dry point is simple manual labor, for fear of being prosecuted, is not money, can the excess cloth normally be left as a reward, if the bigger pieces, but also add some extra plain cloth to each other.
  ”How does this effort!At that time, people afraid to report.”Li Xiuzhi very worried, during exercise, their village had so much noise while very powerful, this is because the early years of the village there is a landlord, obviously poor for some years, but still be arrested and paraded through the streets for a long time, back to t南宁桑拿he village later, the people become timid.
  Pei Naochun have to understand the history, the memory of the original body has been verified, he knew that such strict time management will not last long: “After the home population, and to have a sewing machine, but also not very good for you?”
  ”Who put idle at home to buy large, more money?”Li Xiuzhi top of a husband, but also in the mind wandered opened,” Well, do not you blind bit long-winded, go out to eat, breakfast was built to do today.”Her first, and start thinking about the familiar matchmaker, she would have to ask the people, which Subi Fang, how to work at home, she does not look for the eldest to go home!
  Pei building naturally ignorant, he got up, he disappeared brother, his father was fed reassured, better than a lot of hearts, can a door, it was forced picky Li Xiuzhi nose佛山桑拿 is not a nose, eyes are not the eyes up.
  ”How do you get up so late?You look at your brother, I got up early!Also trying to


, watching Li Xiuzhi eyed.

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  ”Look at the fire!”Li Xiuzhi people subconsciously fierce, fierce and finished very sorry,” Your brother said he liked Bifang, that How about you?You do not have a favorite?”She asked over wanted to pinch myself one, but also to her second child in case of a move to his, that have to be mad at her.
  Pei to build simple and honest smile, put out the fire, looked back at her mother: “Mom, I like your favorite, so good mom, I will find a good wife!”
  Li Xiuzhi really want pulled in front of the second son of the eldest son and her husband to take a look at two of them: “Look, this is called the son to say, on the idea that the two of you and unreasonable!”
  ”Mom, I tip into the food, fear of cold.”Pei to build a rare and speak their own mother alone, he would like to stay, but also afraid of becoming a Li Xiuzhi too, holding chopsticks he would go to the house head.
  Li Xiuzhi followed behind, asked: “What do you say, you have to own brother Zhao Xifu this idea, is no苏州夜网t it right?”
  Pei Jian want to answer right away, can they remember last night into the house of my father, my father said, and balance both ends of the support of brother shake to and fro, he hesitated and said: “Brother is really like, have to see dad and mom do not agree.”
  Too, or that stupid son of Li Xiuzhi back the familiar feeling, Pei to build an early age is so rare to say please her happy, and immediately be able to make a point to make her angry thing, brain-dead enough, she angrily to go inside, three of them is a group of!Can be walked on, she thought of those words last night, Pei Naochun repeatedly said, the boss of her second child but fell off the meat, not filial to her, where this truth can be both justified!However, a rare boss wants to say something, she is not also point to the face?
  Li Xiuzhi into the hous杭州桑拿e, Pei Naochun to shout out to dinner, she stood by the door, like a long time: “You said the village girls, what do you want a sewing machine?Expensiv


f feeling: “What do you get up so early?”

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  ”Mom, sit next to you, I come.”Pei to build crouched there, the fire burned, although never learned what cooking can be simple dish will still burning,” I could not sleep, thinking about doing something live.”
  Li Xiuzhi hear these words at once on a sour heart, her mind what picture seems to have skipped all these years, she was the most painful, most built as a treasure, always in school, occasionally dictating to him, he always said to go reading, to test well, later to find a good job, buy houses, take care of her, and then these manual labor, have been left to the two brothers head past, she no idea, that the completion time is va佛山桑拿luable, flexible melon head, but now her husband the sound of that question, but suddenly filled the hearts.
  What she has to say, and was put into the heart, a blink of an eye, Pei has begun to wash the rice ready to build the pot, the eyes just skimming past, Li Xiuzhi they immediately anxious up, how to see how dissatisfied, pointing next to: “put What do so many meters?Is the lack of food to eat you up?One o’clock do not understand the economy, this dish fresh, divided two meals to eat, how to eat a meal of truth?Be careful heaven mine-old hack you!We know that waste, but not to live.”
  She bluntly saying, Pei to build one ear and out, but according to their own mother’s words, changes in components, ready meals, a smile on his face, not the slightest bit angry – for him, which is where his mother curse, which was concerned广州桑拿网 about him!Teach him to live the truth, how can you say it is a curse!
  Pei looked to build this stupid look, Li Xiuzhi head and my heart is not the taste, the second is at home most neglected one, she never put him at ease on, but this has always been very obedient child, she wanted the child to the east, the other to dare West, even being scolded, can withstand a smile.
  ”Hey!”Pei built to be exceptionally loud, he turned around, but also attend to the fire